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HolwegWeber is a company of reference in the global market. The make has built its image on uniting principles such as an inquiring spirit, technical skills and know-how, the ability to innovate, responsiveness, a sense of commitment etc. We have set ourselves the goal of providing you with the best solutions for the best results.


On the basis of our core business and our range, we have the capability to develop all types of system, machinery, auxiliary equipment and options to address the specific requirements of different market segments.

The collaboration between our Research & Development and Design departments reinforces our capability to develop new methods that can address requirements before the design process and also later on, after the machinery has been used profitably by our customers. We alone can offer certain technical solutions, particularly at the end of lines.

Our shared objective is to help improve productivity, while working towards methods that make for simplicity and safety. Over 20 types of machine spread over 7 ranges allow us to offer a complete range of machinery for manufacturing flat and gusset bags or SOS bags.


The systems we develop, however simple their design, require great consistency from all parties. The requirement for quality imposed on our different partners can be seen in our internal assembly processes.

We procure our goods from suppliers who can guarantee the highest reliability and precision and the longest life. That means that our customers can count on the results expected from finished products.

The manufacturing plants are ideally located – one in Europe and the other in America – to maintain close relationships with our long-standing suppliers.


The lines are fully assembled in our manufacturing facilities. They are started up and adjusted for manufacturing the packaging for which they have been designed, in full-size trials. After that first step, they undergo in situ testing with our customers. Then they are disassembled, packaged carefully and delivered to customers.

Our fitters alone are authorised to assemble and start up machinery lines in customers’ plants. A week’s training is included in the price of our machines. It is essential to train operators in using the machinery for best results. The operators are trained by our outside assembly personnel.


We maintain a stock of spare parts so that our customers can obtain spares within the shortest time. We also provide spares for our oldest machinery (some of which is more than 40 years old!)

Thanks to our different facilities across the world, we can guarantee 24-hour assistance to our customers, wherever they may be, despite time differences.


HolwegWeber supplies more than machinery lines, and is committed to finding purpose-built solutions. Even so, all our systems are supported by the fundamentals being developed by the sister companies over decades. Go to the next page to see them!

RS Solutions

With over 80 years’ experience in the making of flat and gusset bags, the 4 models in the RS range can operate with all our auxiliary equipment to address every need. 4 machines, each specialized for your different sizes, needs and markets.


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RX Solutions

The Baby Holweg with a Baby price! RX line is the High Tech solution for generic bags and small budget for great bag makers!

RX 10 V4 20190213

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Variable Sizes Solutions

This American-made range contains 5 models that can handle your customers’ requirements in terms of both size and complexity of finished products.

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Single Sizes Solutions

These single-size machines are appreciated for their high productivity. They are particularly in demand for the production of standard SOS bags designed for fast food and retail outlets.

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Handle Bags Solutions

Handle bags can find uses in many markets, such as fast food, retail, luxury and fashion goods etc. With their parameters integrated in our R&D approach, HolwegWeber has developed a large and specialized range for cutting and fitting handles of all types (die-cut, twisted or flat), using materials ranging from standard paper to the most complex materials for more demanding luxury boutiques.

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Heat Sealed Bags Solutions

The machinery in the hot-sealed bags solutions range is both highly-usable and complex. Thanks to HolwegWeber synergy, you can produce both flat and gusset bags for use in the medical industry or take-away food and SOS bags designed for the same purposes, animal food etc.

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Printers Solutions

To complement the manufacturing of paper bags, HolwegWeber has mastered and approved flexographic printing technology. Thanks to the union of our two companies, we can offer a range with 1 to 8-color models and machine widths ranging from 650 to over 1500 mm.

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Sheeters Solutions

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End of Line Solutions

The End-of-Line is the final equipment needed to make your life even easier with improved productivity and quality! Whatever is your final product: flat and satchel paper bags, block bottom paper bags with or without handles, it will be counted, bundled or packed, in carton box or wrapped, and could even be 100% controlled!


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Auxiliary Equipment

Any integrated Equipment is the way to personalize your bags and make them unique.

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