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Protection of personal details and confidential information

Data is collected for the sole purpose of creating a informational and professional relationship with the customers of HolwegWeber Group.
Personal data is conserved by HolwegWeber Group for a reasonable period of time. If the person or company does not enter all the mandatory information in the site forms, then the form will not be validated and there will be no contact with HolwegWeber Group.
In accordance with the Information Technology and Personal Rights law N° 78-17 of 6th January 1978, relating to the protection of personal rights concerning the processing of personal information, modified by law N° 2004-801 of 6th August 2004, any person concerned may access and change the said information, as stipulated in Article 34 et subsequent of the above-mentioned law by writing to: Holweg S.A.S – 11 rue de la Hardt – 67120 MOLSHEIM – FRANCE


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As such, any reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation and/or transformation, be it whole or in part, or transfer to another site are prohibited.
These items may be copied for private use.
Reproduction of these items, be it whole or in part, without the prior written permission of HolwegWeber group is strictly prohibited.