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The reliable and highly usable design of our lines combined with the implementation of innovative technology is always pushing back the technical limits on manufacturing, to imagine novel packaging materials. HolwegWeber works in close collaboration with its partners to design machinery lines that will allow you to manufacture… something very unique!


Take a look at the chart with a whole range of bags made using our manufacturing lines, auxiliary equipment and options, and make your selection. Each product will take you to the relevant machine range.

RS Solutions

With over 80 years’ experience in the making of flat and gusset bags, the 4 models in the RS range can operate with all our auxiliary equipment to address every need. 4 machines, each specialized for your different sizes, needs and markets.


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Variable Sizes Solutions

This American-made range contains 5 models that can handle your customers’ requirements in terms of both size and complexity of finished products.

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Single Sizes Solutions

These single-size machines are appreciated for their high productivity. They are particularly in demand for the production of standard SOS bags designed for fast food and retail outlets.

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Handle Bags Solutions

Handle bags can find uses in many markets, such as fast food, retail, luxury and fashion goods etc. With their parameters integrated in our R&D approach, HolwegWeber has developed a large and specialized range for cutting and fitting handles of all types (die-cut, twisted or flat), using materials ranging from standard paper to the most complex materials for more demanding luxury boutiques.

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Heat Sealed Bags Solutions

The machinery in the hot-sealed bags solutions range is both highly-usable and complex. Thanks to HolwegWeber synergy, you can produce both flat and gusset bags for use in the medical industry or take-away food and SOS bags designed for the same purposes, animal food etc.

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Sheeters Solutions

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A specific need? Thanks to our engineering around the world, we make innovative machine lines meeting exactly your needs. The Tailor-made: a criteria directly integrated in our production unit and Research Department to create the Rare Bird…

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