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Important Notice

– The HolwegWeber Group and sub brands logos are carefully crafted brand sign reflecting our common brand identity and are the sole logos that stands for our company and our brands.
– The logos are always displayed has presented in the Guidelines. The size, color, position and arrangement of the elements are fixed and defined in our Brand Standards. They may not be altered nor changed in any way.
– The logos may only be applied in her entirety; changing them or removing any part of them as well as creating any combination, variation or derivatives of the logos is not permitted.
– It is not allowed to create and/or use other corporate brands or logos for any company organizations, initiatives or projects.
– The logos are registered trademark. Their use is restricted to HolwegWeber Group documents and applications: print, on-screen, signage, HolwegWeber Group products and services. Without exception, all other use requires authorization from the HolwegWeber Group.


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Guideline: The HolwegWeber Group Graphic Charter:

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