The packaging produced by the E-Com2 is biodegradable, reduces void space, and has a ship and return feature, which allows for reliable use and reuse. Thus, making this machine a solution that truly addresses the current environmental challenges facing the packaging industry.


The “Ship & Return” mailer bag has a unique gusset feature that provides the flexibility one needs to send out a variety of goods purchased online.
In addition to this unique feature, the mailer bag also has a two-seal system that makes sending and returning goods easy and reliable.

How it Works:

1– Put an item into the mailer bag
2– Close the bag with the first closure system
3– Send the bag out with the item inside
4– Remove the seal and use the 2nd closure system
5– Put the item back in and reseal
6– Return the bag with the item sealed safely inside

The main difference on E-Com2 bag compare to E-Com1 is that the bag has two clear faces, this is possible thanks to the folded bottom:

4 in 1 closure flap – Fulfillment Flow

Filling the bags:

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Packaging produced by the line:

Packaging Product Options:

E-Com2 Regular

E-Com2 SHIP & Return

E-Com2 Regular Shifted Liners

E-Com2 Ship & Return Shifted Liners

E-Com2 Regular Shifted Liners + Wicket Holes

E-Com2 Ship & Return + Wicket Holes

Production Lines options

Die Cut Handle

Wicket Holes

End of Line Solution

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