TT Module – Paper Tear Tape

This Paper Tear Tape system is a machine taking place after a HolwegWeber E-CoM bag making machine instead of the delivery table. The system catches bags right after the bottom folding on the E-Com drum. A first process step will add a narrow piece of raw material on the top flap of the bag. This means at the same area where the two strips are located.

Fitable on all e-com machines

The Paper Tear Tape module is fitable on all HolwegWeber E-Com new machines as well as for retrofit. This device can run on the same production capicity than standard machines.

A new opening solution for all E-Com Packaging

The new opening Paper Tear Tape is 100% compatible with all our E-Commerce solutions:

100% compatible with 4 in 1 closure flap – Fulfillment Flow

Filling the bags:

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Packaging produced by the line:

Packaging Product Options:

E-Com2 Regular

E-Com2 SHIP & Return

E-Com2 Regular Shifted Liners

E-Com2 Ship & Return Shifted Liners

E-Com2 Regular Shifted Liners + Wicket Holes

E-Com2 Ship & Return + Wicket Holes

Production Lines options

Die Cut Handle

Wicket Holes

End of Line Solution

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